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   Our music band FLASTR from Mladá Boleslav was established in spring 2009. We look with favour on acoustic & bluegrass music and we present mostly adopted production of the best American bluegrass bands with Czech texts made by Jan Raclavský. The texts are of very good quality, which is appreciated also by our fans. The originality of our woman singer adds to our music folk touch and therefore our music is called POETIC BLUEGRASS.

   We play in clubs and festivals in our region as well as all over the whole Czech Republic and sometimes even in abroad (for example at EWOB in the Netherlands and LA ROCHE BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL in the France).

   We participate in organization of regular music evenings called SALOON V MODRÉM (SALOON IN BLUE) in Mladá Boleslav, that have already had more than 100 concerts.

   We were two times in live broadcast in radios, frist time in radio Proglas and second time in radio Český rozhlas (Czech Radio).

   And our plans for the future? To stay all together, to work on improving quality, to take advantage of composer potential of some band´s members that now write only for themselves and above all to bring pleasure to extending group of our funs by playing good music. Might be there any better award of our work than our audience singing our songs with us during the concerts?


HONZA RACLAVSKÝ - doublebass, vocals
HANKA ČERNÁ - guitar, lead vocal
TOMÁŠ HUŠEK - fiddle, vocals
VAŠEK HROCH - mandolin, dobro, vocals
BOB SCHERNSTEIN - banjo, dobro, vocals




Info of the Band - PDF
Photos of the Band - photo 1    photo 2
Stage Plan of the Band - PDF
Poster of the Band - PDF

Download full CD: FLASTR - Kousky snů (CD 2012) - DOWNLOAD
Download DVD: FLASTR - live in ČRo (DVD 2012) - DOWNLOAD


      10.01. 2019     19:30h.
SALOON V MODRÉM, divadelní sál DK, Mladá Boleslav

      27.03. 2019     19:00h.
společný koncert s H. BIDGOOD – H. CIACCIO – T. HUGHES (USA), Eurocentrum, Jablonec n.N.

      11.04. 2019     19:30h.
SALOON V MODRÉM, divadelní sál DK, Mladá Boleslav

      04.05. 2019     16:00h.
NAROZKY FEST, Dobrá voda u Jablonce n.N.

      01.06. 2019    
KRNSKO FEST, Krnsko - Vystrkov

      06.06. 2019     19:30h.
ZÁMECKÉ KULTURNÍ LÉTO, nádvoří zámku, Kosmonosy

      16.06. 2019     16:00h.
SALOON V MODRÉM FEST, zahrada Centra 83, Mladá Boleslav

      20.07. 2019     15:00h.
DOLÁNKY FEST, kemp, Dolánky u Turnova

      21.07. 2019    
DOMODRA, areál Šeberák, Praha

      27.07. 2019     16:00h.

      09.08. 2019     12:30h.
KŘEHKÁ KRÁSA, veletrh bižuterie, Eurocentrum, Jablonec n.N.

      09.08. 2019     19:30h.
PROMENÁDNÍ KONCERT, náměstí, Bělá pod Bezdězem

      25.08. 2019    
BAKOVSKÉ FOLKOVÁNÍ, koupaliště, Bakov nad Jizerou

      01.09. 2019     16:00h.
LÉTO NA ZÁMKU, nádvoří zámku, Lomnice nad Popelkou

      07.09. 2019    
BLUEGRASS MARATHON, Borovany u Tachova

      14.09. 2019     17:00h.
SETKÁNÍ PŘÁTEL JN, Hausmanka U Kozy, Oldřichov v Hájích

      10.10. 2019     19:30h.
SALOON V MODRÉM, divadelní sál DK, Mladá Boleslav

      15.12. 2019     17:00h.
ADVENTNÍ KONCERT, kostel sv. Josefa, Loučná nad Nisou


FLASTR - Gábina (CD 2015)   detail CD

FLASTR - Kousky snů (CD 2012)   detail CD

FLASTR - live in ČRo (DVD 2012)   detail DVD


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tel. : +420 605 233 677

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tel. : +420 731 156 788